Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hello Frankfurt!

Our flight was good and a quick ~7 hours 20 minutes from JFK in NYC to Frankfurt. 
Luckily, we had no delays, missed flights (although we did run to our connecting flight in NYC), or lost luggage.  A few others in our group of 10 were not as lucky. 

Land! Finally across the Atlantic

Currently on a train from Frankfurt airport to Dusseldorf.  Josh is our energetic tour guide right now.  The 4 of us are pretty tired. 
Preceptor Josh

Making our way between trains and airports

Michelle, Heidi,  Sarah, me


It was a beautiful Saturday morning to visit Georgetown!  My good friend from Baltimore came down to meet up with the group, and we wandered the very cute streets and shops. 

View of Georgetown & the Patomac (w/ lots of kayakers!)
Met up with Tessa!

Ate some Georgetown cupcakes

Ran across some guys parkouring in the park
What's parkouring?! We didn't know either

Now for some time in the sky...