Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 1 of Rotation

Today is our official first day of rotation in Germany!
Where we are staying- Burgerstube 

After my inability to fall back asleep and ignore the birds chirping outside my window, I decided to join them and venture around Velbert at 5:30 AM. 
We were told Velbert is a very small town, but there's still a casino

Started off with breakfast at 8:00 AM, which was awesome, courtesy of Ms. Biester :) 

Our preceptor, Josh went over the objectives & expectations of the rotation, and gave us our first assignment.  We are required to- as a group of 11 (including our Germany intern student, Sebastian)- create a presentation describing the Doctor of Pharmacy (vs Germany's 5-year + state exam), prerequisites & curriculum at a US College of Pharmacy, and various jobs and responsibilities of a pharmacist in the United States. 

Hard at work

We will give this presentation 4 times at the German universities we are visiting. 
Our biggest challenge at this point will be to fit all this information into 20-25 minutes...

German pharmacy intern, Sebastian, has joined us for our APPE rotation.  He took us for a little tour around Velbert.  We checked out the bus stops, grocery store, park and animal zoo. 
Giant hairy pig at the animal petting zoo

Later in the day, pharmacist preceptor Nick gave us our introductory tour of Adler Apotheke, the pharmacy that we'll be working at throughout the rotation.
Adler Apotheke, established 1902

Nick showing us around the pharmacy's basement- w/ Corey, Dipali, Ann

Michelle, Sarah, Selam, Joe, Traci, Heidi

Herbal tea compounding area

Excess meds in the pharmacy basement

After our premier visit to Adler Apotheke, we ventured back "home" to work on our presentation for tomorrow, then had dinner. 
3 kinds of potato, 2 kinds of meat, & pasta

Dinner time!


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