Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Ich bin ein Berliner"

This morning our preceptor, Nick, gave us a tour of Berlin!  We checked out the Parliament buildings, Brandenberg Gate, Holocaust Monument, and Berlin Wall.  There was certainly a lot to see:

Nick explaining our surroundings

Reichstag Building

Sinti & Roma Memorial

Long line in the road is where the Berlin Wall used to be

 Brandenburg Gate

Pariser Platz

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Walking through the Memorial

 Ampelmann (unique street signals from former East Berlin)

Remnants of the Berlin Wall (original graffiti was only on West side, East side was blocked by fences & guns so people wouldn't escape)

Remnants of the Berlin Wall in its original place

In the afternoon, we visited the University of Berlin (Freie Universit√§t Berlin), where we heard a presentation about clinical pharmacy in Germany.  The University of Berlin is particularly involved in microdialysis development and pharmacometrics (PharMetrX). 

Nick introducing our group before the presentation

We heard a bit about the pharmaceutical care network Europe (PCNE), and a presentation about pharmaceutical care in Germany.  A clinical pharmacy PhD student is currently researching implementation of a medication plan into pharmacies and health record systems.  The medication plan uses a scannable barcode to allow for continuous updates, and better patient care between the patient's providers & health care settings.  At the University of Berlin, a medication management center will be put together very soon for continuous research and development of pharmacuetical care services, and awareness of this area of pharmacy. 

With some Berlin pharmacy PhD students & professors

After hearing more about pharmacy at University of Berlin, we took a tour & learned more about some of their research.

6th semester pharmacy students working on cholesterol & lipid level testing

Diagram explaining microdialysis

The University of Berlin is doing research using microdialysis, which is a sampling technique used for continually measuring a concentration (of a drug, for example) in the extracellular fluid of tissue.

Microdialysis machine

Corey w/ the HPLC machine (high-performance liquid chromatography)

Electrode machine that measures bacterial CFUs (colony-forming units) in ~10 seconds, versus the standard which takes ~20 hours

Pharmacokinetic modeling

 Research done by one of the PhD students-  linezolid & meropenem antagonism is seen when treating MSSA

Later that night we went to dinner, for some Spanish tapas & sangria :)
Pig feet

Heidi's huge dinner- a single "mushroom head"

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