Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Adler Apotheke

This morning, we headed to Adler Apotheke after breakfast for some time in the pharmacy!  We were split into two groups. 

My group started off with herbal teas.  Sebastian and one of the pharmacy technicians taught us about some different plants, which parts are used to make teas, and what the teas are used for.  We experienced many tea tastes and smells. 

Selam measuring out some tea ingredients

Herbal tea makers

Each of us got to prepare an herbal tea called Erkaltungstee (used for colds/cough).

With the finished product

A few of us headed back to the Burgerstube during lunch break, and then met back to Adler in the afternoon. 

Next up, we compounded a hand cream using the pharmacy's undulator machine.

Corey measuring up his cream ingredients

Product being mixed

Hand cream!

Traci and pharmacy tech testing out our product

Nic then led a discussion about herbal tea use in pharmacy. 

After our day in the pharmacy, it was time to listen to a presentation from Sebastian and then prepare for a surprise!  

Sebastian's presentation about technology at the University of Dusseldorf 

Distracting Sebastian with wine and cards

He has no idea he's about to be surprised!

Our last day is coming up, and Sebastian's birthday is in about 3 weeks, so we decided to throw him an early celebrate celebration.  After learning that early birthdays are bad luck in Germany, we decided this would be a really late birthday party instead. 

Something along the lines of "happy birthday greetings..."

Cutting the birthday cakes!

Happy Birthday, Sebastian!

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