Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Munich & Salzburg

Thursday was yet another German holiday, and we had the day off.  Michelle, Heidi and I headed for Munich in the afternoon via train from Essen. 

Once we arrived in Munich, we checked in and dropped off our luggage at our hostel.  We headed to the Augustiner Keller Biergarten because of the noise we heard while on our walk to the hostel.  The Biergarten was the place to be, loaded with people watching the England versus Uruguay soccer game and drinking their Augustiner beer. 

Entering the Augustiner-Keller Biergarten

Watching the football game

Time for bier and brezel!

Friday morning we headed toward the Olympic Park area to check out the flea market.  It wasn't quite what we expected at first, but we did find some good stuff. 

Not what we were expecting at first 

Heidi found some unique kitchen decor

Olympic Park Munich

Swim hall- Olympic Park Munich 

Tennis courts- Olympic Park Munich

After gaining 10+ pounds worth of flea market items, we had to stop at the hostel to drop it off. 

We had a fantastic lunch at the Augustiner Munchen, which we determined what very legit because of the type of crowd dining there. 

Augustiner Brau Munchen, where steins hang from the ceiling 

Pic with the waiter 

Next we took the metro to the Marienplatz, which is the center of the city.  We walked around and checked out the sites. 

New Town Hall Munich


Checking out the market 

World Cup "dirndl" dress

Heidi and Michelle weren't up for the museum, but I spent some time in the Muencher Stadtmuseum (Munich Museum).

Munich (originally) is in the shape of a crossbow

People used to be this short

The start of Munich's dark past

After grabbing some food at the market, we headed back to get our luggage and hop the train from Munich to Salzburg.

Once we made it to Salzburg, we grabbed some bus tickets and headed to our hostel.  We were pretty tired from the day, so called it an early night. 

Saturday morning we quickly headed for breakfast on the way to our "Sound of Music" bike tour!  Once we found the location where the tour began, we were assigned bikes.

Ready to start the Sound of Music Bike Tour! (picture guide attached)

Beautiful Salzburg

The "Sound of Music" bike tour was really fun.  We had a great tour guide who told us more about Austria's history, scenes from the movie, and encouraged us to sing, dance and pose like Von Trapps.

Our tour guide encouraged us to recreate the movie scenes

New friends from the bike tour :)

"I am 16 going on 17"

After the bike tour, we ate some falafel wraps, then checked out what the market and shops had to offer. 

We walked back through the gardens of Mirabell Palace.

Our dinner was at L'Osteria, where we shared wine, salad and pizza. 


Sunday was a gorgeous morning for a run around Salzburg.

Before I was really lost

We made our way to the train station to drop off the luggage and figure out the day's bus situation.  We then headed for breakfast which was at a very cute cafe with a not-so-pleasant waiter.

From breakfast, we headed past the square and up the mountain towards the Hohensalzburg (Salzburg Castle). 

The closest we could get (for free)

Heidi really wanted another falafel for the upcoming 8-hour train ride, so we hustled to the market to grab lunch.  I chose a crepe with tomato and cheese.

Busy falafel stand

This lady was a crepe perfectionist

After yet another sprint to the bus post-transportation confusion, we boarded the train from Salzburg to Munich then another to Essen. 

We all agreed that these two cities were a lot of fun, and we had a great weekend!

The sum of our flea market buys- someone has a stein problem (and it's not me)

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