Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pharmacy Chamber in Dusseldorf

After a heated discussion during breakfast, we headed to Dusseldorf to visit their pharmacy chamber.  

Back in Dussesldorf

Made it to Dusseldorf Pharmacy Chamber

The Dusseldorf chamber President and Vice President introduced themselves and the chamber, as well as current projects they are working on.  The Chamber recently published results from a longitudinal study assessing medication risks for elderly patients in nursing homes.  A standardized risk management process was created to improve medication safety for elderly patients. 

The Chamber is also involved in a current project, Athina, which is a brown bag program focused on pharmacotherapy. 

The topic of continuing education for pharmacists in Germany was brought up.  Currently, continuing education is not required, but encouraged.  In the USA, pharmacists are required to complete 30 hours  of CE every two years.  Certificates are available for German pharmacists who complete CE every three years but this is not incentive enough. 

The Dusseldorf pharmacy chamber is supportive of further pharmacy research, in order to push the profession forward, but it has not been initiated. 

With the Dusseldorf Pharmacy Chamber President (2nd from right) and Vice President (left)

After discussion we headed to lunch at the oldest restaurant in Dusseldorf!

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